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Today (27/06/16) the UK political system is in turmoil after the referendum vote to leave the EU.  This is an unprecendented step and no-one knows where this will lead the UK and also the EU, some are worried some are joyful but the solid fact is that life has to go on!

We hope that all our customers from the EU and further afield will continue to consume our products as normal in their everyday lives, and we would like to reassure everyone that whilst it is likely to have an impact on all businesses in the UK we at the Dorset Flapjack Company are determined to continue to supply as normal.  We do not envisage any real changes for at least two years and we seriously hope that negotiations will produce a sensible result that will not see any tariffs on food products.  We will continue to send packages to our many regular customers in the EU as we have done for several years now.

So if you are in Europe please be reassured that everything here will be carrying on as before and if the GBP stays as low as it is then your Dorset Flapjacks will appear to be better value than ever!

Our Flapjack Flavours:

Apple & Apricot
Apple, Sultana & Cinnamon
Cherry & Coconut
Cherry & Sultana
Chocolate, Fruit & Nut
Mixed Boxes
Triple Chocolate
Vanilla Fudge
White Chocolate
White Chocolate with Fruit

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